About Us

UDENZ is rising the power of real engagement between Dental Patients and their Dentists. Via consistently connecting Dental Patients to Dentists through our applications, we make appointments with dentists in any city more easy, accessible, reliable and fast. We work for opening up more potential options for dental patients and more business for dentists.

Our Strength is raised from the 1st day of UDENZ being on project paper in University of Salford to Winning the First Prize at the Business Entrepreneurship Camp at Salford Business School. The value of UDENZ is increasing day to day to fill the demand of the Dental Sector and Empowering Dental Patients’ Rights in having a Sparkle Smile.


Registering with UDENZ will not make you earning great money as a dentist or group of dentists, UDENZ will highlight your quality of work and brand your professionalism.

Different types of features available here :

Easy to use, reliable and fast, treatment is just a click away.

UDENZ enables users to make appointments with dentists in any location.

Earn Money from Happy Patients

Build your Professional Brand.